As a lover of snail mail, I’m a big believer that ALL details of the package should be considered. Working my way from the outside in, below I’ve shared favorite supplies (and suppliers) for everything from the envelope seal and stamp to the pens I use.

Envelope Seal: Often overlooked, this small detail can really add personality to your design. These range from simple stickers (like these found at Hobby Lobby) to custom stickers (design your own on Etsy or Vistaprint) to personalized wax seals (create your own from this LetterSeals shop).

Washi Tape: An Etsy search alone will show you that the opportunities are endless when it comes to washi tape design. From florals to forest animals or succulents to sushi, there is surely a washi tape available to fit your theme. If not, make your own Custom Washi Tape (Disclaimer: I have yet to try this but am dying to. If you order some – let me know how it goes!)

Stamps: If you have a color pallet in mind for your project, I urge you to find stamps that compliment (instead of clash with) your design. A few tried and true vendors of mine are USPS (obvious choice) and GubbaGummaStamps. If you’re into customization and don’t mind a QR code and URL on the stamp design, check out Zazzle for personalized versions.

Pens: I have tried A LOT of different pens – Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen (of every size), Tombow ABT N15, Sharpie Pen, Speedball Calligraphy, Manuscript Calligraphy, and the list goes on. Through this exciting journey I learned that 1. I am extremely picky and 2. I prefer two pens (and two only): Sharpie Fine Point Marker and Sakura Pigma Graphic 1.0 mm.